Anemone A safe space in your phone With built-in crisis plan tools, emergency resources, coping skills, and virtual grounding box


Crisis Plan Creator

Swipe through each page to customize your crisis plan step by step

Sharing Tools

Share your crisis plan with friends, family, and law enforcement, or save it on your phone or Drive

Emergency Resources

Connect to local hospitals, phone lines, and resources with just one click

Coping Skills

Flip through cards to view some of the most trusted, psychiatrist-approved coping skills to use in any emergency

Virtual Grounding Box

Add a photo and song to remind yourself of a safe, calming memory you can revisit at any time

Personal Affirmations

Read through a variety of affirmations and motivational quotes from Sully the Seahorse

How it works

Anemone combines many of the skills and tools taught in most psychiatric inpatient and outpatient settings. The app focuses on the idea of creating a crisis plan one can refer back to during a mental health emergency, and introduces users to many industry-wide concepts such as deep breathing, mindfulness, grounding, and diversion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions you might have:

Anemone is completely free, on both iOS and Android. It was designed to help people and any cost would be prohibitive.
A crisis plan contains basic steps/symptoms to be aware of and enables the user to not only gauge how severe their case is, but also provides them with easy resources for getting help. For example, a crisis plan contains a list of early symptoms they may have, as well as crisis signs. Depending on the symptoms presented in their situation, they can figure out if they are truly in a crisis. The crisis plan also includes steps such as ways to cope with early warning signs, people they can call in a crisis, emergency number and hotlines, preferred treatment facilities, and past and current medications. A crisis plan can be truly lifesaving, if prepared in advance.
Crisis plans work best if you share them with your loved ones, whether that is family or friends, or both. It can also be useful to have your crisis plan easily be easily accessible on your phone so you can share it with law enforcement as well.
A virtual grounding box contains a photo and song the user can select that reminds them of a good memory or positive emotion. In times of crisis, they can “reopen” their grounding box and see the photo and hear the music and hopefully be reminded of that positive memory.
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